Language Arts
Reading should take place at home daily for a minimum of 15 minutes. Please read to your child, with your child, and have your child read to you. He or she should be reading to you out loud for a minimum of 10 minutes with guidance and support.  Have fun, remember you are your childs' first teacher.

Below are the listed sight words for First Grade. By the end of the school year the expectation is that your child should be able to read, write and spell the following words independently:

 the a and is his of as has
to into we he she be me for
or you your I they was one said
from have do does were are who what
when where there here why by my try
put two too very also some come would
could should her over number say says see
between each any many how now down out
about our friend other another none nothing people
month little been own want Mr. Mrs. work
word write being their first look good new
water called day may way